Welcome Message from Zen Nest Founder

Welcome Message from Zen Nest Founder


I want to thank you for visiting Zen Nest.

I am so excited to bring you the highest vibrational home goods and art to keep your vibration high! Because I know how important that is. It's exactly what I work on every single day.

Keeping my vibe high. Full of love, joy, connection, understanding, compassion and much more. 

That was why I founded Zen Nest. To create and provide home goods and art that helps me keep my vibration high. 

This site is where I share it all with you, in hopes that they can help you too. 

I'm always open to suggestions and...

5 Tips on How to Create a Sacred Space

5 Tips on How to Create a Sacred Space

Having a sacred space is important because it can fill our spiritual cup up everyday.

A sacred space is where we can retreat to re-center ourselves, replenish our reserves for love, kindness and connection, and prepare ourselves to deal with the outside world.

Which lets be real, it can be tough out there sometimes! And when things get tough for us, self-care, self-love and connection to self is so important. And the spaces we spend time in can help promote these states of being for us. 

Yes, tools like meditation, mindfulness,...