5 Tips on How to Create a Sacred Space

Having a sacred space is important because it can fill our spiritual cup up everyday.

A sacred space is where we can retreat to re-center ourselves, replenish our reserves for love, kindness and connection, and prepare ourselves to deal with the outside world.

Which lets be real, it can be tough out there sometimes! And when things get tough for us, self-care, self-love and connection to self is so important. And the spaces we spend time in can help promote these states of being for us. 

Yes, tools like meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating, and other practices that support positive states of being are powerful in helping to us navigate the difficulties of life.

And we need all of those tools in our life.

AND, we can supercharge all the tools we're using to improve our lives by intentionally cultivating the vibration of the spaces that we spend the most time in.

So here are 5 tips to create a sacred space:

1. Ask Yourself How You Feel About Your Space and Use the Power of Intention to Inaugurate Your Space as Sacred

Do feelings of love and joy come up when you ask yourself? There may be reasons that you don't love your space. Maybe it's invaded by family members, spouse, kids, etc. so you don't feel its sacred.

We can use the power of intention to cultivate the sacred, and inaugurate our space as sacred through the intention of considering it as such.

2. Smudge Your Space with Sage and Other Blessing Herbs

Smudging is a ritual of burning herbs or other plants like sage, palo santo, lavender, etc. to clear the energy of a space. It's a great tool to clear energy after heated or difficult moments in the home. If you're feeling an energy that's less than pleasant, smudging is a great way to clear the energy to allow for fresh, new energy to come into the space. 

Start by holding the plant or herb in your hand. If it's sage, unbundle the sage from the bundle and only take one stick of leaves. Light the end with the leaves on fire and let the leaves catch fire, and then blow them out after they have caught fire.

The leaves should smoke and while closing your eyes, using the power of your intention clear the energy by walking the sage around the different areas of your home, waving and wafting the smoke all around your home. Pay special attention to corners of rooms. 

If it's palo santo, hold the palo santo in your hand and light the other end of it until it catches fire. Let the end of the palo santo catch fire for a few seconds, and then blow the flame out. The end of the palo santo should smoke. Do the same as was suggested with the sage to smudge your home. 

3. Fill Your Space with Things that Bring You Joy

 With trends like Marie Kondo's KonMari method of removing items in your home that don't spark joy for you, there is a great emphasis on ensuring that everything in your home brings you joy.

Do you have excess things? Do all the things you have still bring you positive feelings? If not, it may be time to make room for things in your home that will bring you joy by removing the things that no longer bring you joy. 

The art that Zen Nest chooses for our home goods is made with the intention to bring joy. 

4. Create a Space for an Altar

This is a really great suggestion that definitely made my space feel more sacred. When I created an altar in my home, it made my space feel more sacred because there was an area that I designated as a sacred area.

Over time, I began to see my whole home as sacred, because my connection to the sacred and spiritual deepened once I created space for it in my home. 

My altar has art from Zen Nest, sculptures, incense holders, sage offering, palo santo, crystals and more. 

Every morning I wake up, light incense at the altar, look at the art from Zen Nest and am reminded of the light within me and my spiritual journey and set an intention for the day.

The altar is what helps to create the sacred space in my home.

5. Work with Vatsu, also known as Feng Shui to Leverage Energy Flow in Your Space

Feng Shui is Chinese for wind-water. It is an ancient art and science practiced over 3,000 years ago and some of it dating back to 6,000 years ago. It is a practice of placing objects in spaces that promote flow of energy through the space. The Chinese believed that good energy flow brings good fortune.

Thus Feng Shui is the practice of looking at how our spaces are set up - colors, materials, shapes, etc. and intentionally setting up our space to have high vibrations. 

The art we offer at Zen Nest has the highest vibrations, and we place them on home goods that we put around our house to raise the vibration of the entire space. Whether it's magnets, art prints, canvases, tapestries, blankets, rugs, comforters, trays - Zen Nest provides home goods with high vibrational art to raise the vibration of your home. 

Do you find Feng Shui interesting? Should we write more blog posts about Feng Shui and how it works? 

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