Elise Alexander Art

Ever since she was a child, Elise was in love with art. 

She would spend hours creating her own realities through drawing and painting. Elise grew up around a family of artists, many of whom are artists, including her father.

Being surrounded by so many artists, she has been surrounded by creativity throughout her whole life, and many of those individuals in her life have inspired her to create and be her own unique person. 

All of Elise's paintings contain an image of an eye in some form or another. This came from an experience she had where she was sitting in her studio one day, and she noticed that all her paintings were staring back at her.

This experience led her to realize that throughout her life, she always felt like things were watching her, and this realization comes through her in her art. 

Her art also incorporates cultural and esoteric symbolism ranging from the Mayans to the Egyptians. 

Her message that she'd like to share with the world is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

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