Omeed Tabiei Zen Nest Founder

Omeed Tabiei 
Zen Nest Founder

Thank you for finding your way to Zen Nest. I appreciate you. I thank Spirit for you.  I see infinite possibilities of goodness and light within you. And I send you my love.
I founded Zen Nest because I strongly believe that transformation of self, of those around us, of the world is possible and is happening. 
For me, my most significant transformation happened in my home. It's where I learned the most about myself. And it's also where I spent my time healing, growing and learning how to navigate consciousness. 
I've also discovered how important it is to maintain a high vibration in life. And how difficult that can be sometimes. Before I started Zen Nest, I would leave post-it notes with positive messages around my home to remind me to maintain a high vibration. I noticed a profound impact from the positive messages. 
I thought, if post-it notes can have such a positive impact. I wonder what art could do. 
And so I founded Zen Nest to offer artful reminders of our authenticity, our connectedness, our love, our depth, our connection, our compassion, our vulnerability, and our support in the spaces we spend the most time. 
Bless your space with Zen Nest's high vibration products for the spaces you spend the most time.