100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Shipping prices are included in the price of your Nest Egg.
If your tracking number is coming up invalid it is most likely because it was shipped recently.
Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking numbers to activate.
If after 48 hours your tracking number is still not active please contact Zen Nest at info@zennest.co.
Please note, all orders should be delivered within twelve (12) days of placing your order.
You can expect to receive your order on within twelve (12) days from the date of your order. If your order is delayed beyond this time please contact us at info@zennest.co.


If you have any concern whatsoever with your Nest Egg, please reach out to info@zennest.co and we will do our absolute best to address your concern.
Reprints: If there is a manufacturing mistake during printing or an item is damaged during shipping, you may be eligible for a reprint or a refund. Zen Nest asks that you provide us a photo of the damaged product in question, a description of the issue, and the order number.
You can send this information to us at info@zennest.co.
Once we receive that information from you, we will issue a refund or we will reprint and ship a new product to you at no additional cost to you. Please note that all complaints regarding product quality need to be reported within thirty days from receipt of the Nest Egg in order to be eligible for a reprint.
Lost Packages: if the tracking information for the order is marked as delivered - Zen Nest will issue refunds on a case-by-case basis.
However, if an order is lost in transit and the shipping address you entered is correct, Zen Nest will reprint and reship a new order at no charge to you using the shipping method you originally paid for:
There are also other factors beyond Zen Nest's control that may extend the delivery window, including but not limited to:
• Packages being handled by multiple carriers, when handed off to local carriers.
• Local customs department processing time
Due to all of that, Zen Nest can't guarantee a delivery date with certainty for any deliveries.
Please make sure to notify us about the delivery issue within sixty (60) days from the day the order has been submitted to Zen Nest to be eligible for a replacement order.
If an incorrect or incomplete address is entered, Zen Nest will either need to wait for the order to be returned to the vendor and reship it at your cost, or you can place a new order to reduce delivery time. Please note that you will be charged for this replacement order.