Feeling Regal Shell

Feeling Regal Shell

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Yahel Yan is a fine artist that is known for painting chairs. People always ask, "Why Chairs?" and her answer is that she has a miniature chair collection that started as an accident. 

She found herself painting chairs, beginning with some chairs she found in the street.

After painting these chairs, she started thinking of the chairs not as mere objects, but as people, people with a history, personality.

Every time she saw a group of chairs, she saw them in action, creating a history around them, and admired their different personalities. 

We collaborated with Yahel to create the Feeling Regal Nest Egg. 

This is a Shell for the Nest Egg, and only includes the art Shell. 

Each purchase directly supports the artist.

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• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
• Water-resistant material
• Childproof bottom zipper with 1 slider

We recommend using 200l (7cf) of filling for the bean bag.